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Why You Should Definitely Be Drinking Green Tea

Human beings have for several years have explored a number of different ways of keeping their bodies healthy. Nothing is more important than your health after all. An individual can maintain their health in a variety of ways. One of these ways, is the drinking of tea and this is practiced in several cultures. Yes, tea can be quite healthy and a number of different varieties exist in the market. Some kinds are flavored and other kinds are just plain. Some come in tea bags, while others are loose leaf tea. However, one of the most healthy kinds of tea is green tea. Many people spend good money to buy green tea due to its various uses in the body. This natural herb is indeed quite helpful as a beverage. Some of the advantages of green tea have been highlighted below.

Enhances Physical Performance and Helps to Burn Fats

According to research green tea can help boost an individual’s metabolic rate. If you are on a diet or trying to keep your weight in check, this can be one of the best alternatives to try out. Certain researches show that green tea can burn fat and lower it by nearly 17 percent. However, it is important to note that human beings are built differently. People have different body chemistries. Therefore, to some green tea may highly increase the metabolism, while to others the effect might be little or negligible.
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Green tea Helps fight Cancer.
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Cancer is a disease that comes about do to uncontrolled growth of cells and it is something, which has led to mass loss of lives. Though not yet under control researchers have done a substantial amount of work in trying to find different ways in which cancer can be treated. Antioxidants are good at lowering the risk of cancer and green tea is one of the best agents of helping reduce the chances of getting breast cancer, prostate cancer and even colorectal cancer.

Protects Brain Functionality

Doctors in medicine and neuroscience have made several interesting findings. It is said that drinking green tea regularly is a great way of helping one’s brain keep away from certain neurodegenerative illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. Aside from this, it has also been linked to the improved functionality of the brain in the short term. The protective effect it has on the neurons are because of the compounds existing within it.

Improved Dental Health and Kills Bacteria

Green tea has certain compounds referred to as catechins. They help to lower the risk of infection by their strong ability to kill viruses and bacteria. Green tea also helps to avoid dental curies making it great for dental health.

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